Aspirational Ramadan

Hyundai CEO Mong Hyun Yoon began fasting in Ramadan because seeing the workers fast “left me in awe.”

A touching letter sent out in which Yoon addressed those fasting during Ramadan said that he began fasting to be able to sympathize with Hyundai workers.

But this isn’t a first for Yoon. He mentions that he also fasted the previous year to the surprise of the readers.

“As of last year, to be one with the HAOS family in their thoughts and understand them, I decided to take fasting as a habit,” the CEO said in his letter.



Seeing the difficulty of the fast among the workers without having food or drink “left me in awe,” Yoon said.

What struck Yoon the most was that the workers didn’t see “fasting as a chore,” and how they showed a willingness to fulfil it as an obligation.

He expressed his feelings even more in the letter and shared his own special ramadan lesson.

From seeing my fasting colleagues I understood the Quranic subjects of the poor and the needy, especially with the experience of my own fasts. There are a lot of people around us who work on low incomes. These people do what they do because of us, they do the work we do not want to. With the blessings of Ramadan I hope we recognize these people and thank them and I hope it is a Ramadan where we learn to share with them.

Yoon also announced that the company will be providing special cheques for groceries “to ensure we can aid you in your household shopping for iftar.”

Workers are also provided with extra break areas and special menus for ramadan.

The gesture came as a surprise to some who expressed their thoughts on twitter.

“I’ve realised how bad our vampire bosses are when I read about hyundai.”

After he began to work in Turkey in 2016, Yoon also recited Turkey’s national anthem in Turkish during his first press conference last year. He’s definitely no stranger to gestures of respect.

Isn’t this the kind of boss everyone deserves?

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