Watch These Adorable Kids Get Ready For Ramadan

We can all agree, the thing that makes Ramadan special is being around family and friends.

In just a day, billions of people around the world will begin the annual month of Ramadan. While many are taking the time to wish friends and family, buy Ramadan groceries (especially those dates), and get prepared for a month of fasting, it’s always fun to think back to what Ramadan was like when we were kids.

I still remember family members calling from all over the world, showing us love, I remember the delicious iftars I’d help my mom make in the evenings, and walking down for Suhoor in PJs with two additional layers of clothing.

Watch these kids adorably describe their own reactions to Ramadan. And as we share our laughs wth them, it’s hard not to remember this month as a bundle of cherished memories with friends and family around the dinner table and at the masjid.

Somehow, it culminates in a renewed sense of belonging that makes us look forward to this great month year after year.


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