Meet Abu Qader, A 17 Year Old Afghan American Who Taught Himself How To Code to Diagnose Cancer

He even managed to get the attention of Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai and Chairman Eric Scmidt.

When Abu Qader was 15, he discovered the potential of machine learning. Now what he’s building could help doctors and patients all over the world.

Qader is the founder of GliaLab, a machine learning startup that works with existing medical imaging devices to give smarter breast cancer diagnoses. Qader taught himself about machine learning via YouTube videos, and learned how to uses Google’s machine learning technology Tensorflow.

“Thousands of women are misdiagnosed with breast cancer every year, and it usually leads to death or enormous treatment costs,” Qader told us last year. “Where we come in is right when the radiologist is making (the diagnosis) … We have a lot faster, a lot more accurate, and a lot cheaper method of telling you what type of cancer tumor you have.”

Qader said at the time that GliaLab’s software is between 93% and 99% accurate, and gives results in real-time.

Qader’s work has even gotten the attention of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Google’s CEO

sundar Pichai and Abu Qader

 Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 5.07.13 PM

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